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Who are we?

Thanks to every each one of our 52,000+ members, we are proud to say we host the largest GTA Discord community, housing partners such as Silentc0re, Broughy1322, and the /r/GTAOnline and /r/HeistTeams subreddits.

While the Discord server originally had its focus set on heists, we decided it would be better for us to incorporate more than just heists and move on to be about the entirety of GTA Online instead. Thanks to that, the support of our partners and last, but not least, the support of our members, we were able to grow almost exponentially within months.

We've recently decided to branch out and try our formula with new servers and so we opened out Red Dead Redemption 2 server. Since, it's seen a steady growth, and we're happy to see it's on a good way to become the largest Discord community once more, thanks to partners such as Silentc0re and our wonderful community.

How the future looks, we genuinely cannot tell, but we certainly do plan on improving what we can improve and providing you the best possible experience on our server. And we hope that we can do that with you by our side.

Our Servers _ to connect you with your favorite gaming communities

Wanting help with a mission, information about something or just a good talk... You can come and join our game related servers and chat about your favorite game with everybody.

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GTAO Discord

The GTA Online Discord for all of your GTA Online needs!

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RDRO Discord

The RDR Online Discord for all of your RDR Online needs!

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Content creators, Communities, Businesses, Influencers, Supporters... We're proud to be affiliated with them and have them around.

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